Estate Agency Onboarding

We would like to get you to market asap. There are some legal compliances that we have to comply with. We need to prove the identity of all sellers to comply with anti-money laundering. Your property advert must display an EPC within 30 days of going to market. We also need to know a bit more about the property. This form will deal with the legals compliances, access, marketing and solicitors details.

    Anti Money Laundering:
    It’s a legal requirement for letting agents to prove ID of the clients. We will also conduct a lands registry search to verify ownership once instructed. Please have your ID to hand.

    ** Click here to see what ID we need


    Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs)

    In addition to confirming the identity as referred to above, we are now required to ascertain whether you or any member of your family is classed as a Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) Politically exposed persons are persons that are entrusted with prominent public functions, held in the UK or abroad. Typically, this includes:

    • Heads of State, Heads of Government,

    • Ministers and deputy or assistant ministers Members of Parliament or similar bodies

    • Members of the governing bodies of political parties

    • Members of supreme and constitutional courts and other high level judicial bodies

    • Members of courts of auditors or boards of central banks Ambassadors, and high-ranking officers in the armed forces

    • Members of the administrative, management or supervisory bodies of state owned enterprises Directors, deputy directors and members of the board, or equivalent of an international organisation.

    The definition includes family members such as spouse, partners, children (of the person and their spouse or partner) and parents and known close associates. Close associates are persons who have: joint legal ownership, with a politically exposed person, of a legal entity or arrangement any other close business relationship with a politically exposed person sole beneficial ownership of a legal entity or arrangement set up for the benefit of a politically exposed person.

    Please confirm if you would be regarded as PEP


    Needed to produce details for marketing and viewings.

    Is the property empty?

    Can you drop off a key or meet us to hand over a key?

    Is there an alarm?

    Please enter the alarm code below

    Is access with you?

    Is the property tenanted?

    Add tenant details below: if multiple tenants email




    Current Rent: £


    EPC & Marketing Enhancements
    Do you have an EPC?

    We will download from

    If no do you want us to arrange?

    Please indicate below if you require any of the enhancements we can offer:

    EPC - £72.00 inc VAT

    EPC & FLOOR PLAN £99.00 inc VAT


    Confirm if you are ordering enhancements that you are happy to pass on details:


    If you have not yet decided leave blank or fill in what you can if you have a solicitor:

    Would you like Keates to recommend a solicitors?

    Please note we will in some circumstances gain a small commission for referrals.

    Do you have your own solicitor?

    Please confirm details below:


    Branch address:



    Customer Questionnaire:

    In order to comply with Consumer Protection Rights Laws we have to ask you to complete the following questionnaire, but it is not mandatory. The responses you give may be relayed to any prospective purchasers, viewer and are required as they may affect on the transactional decision making of the average buyer.

    These questions will not be included in the particulars of sale but will be relayed to the relevant parties at an appropriate point. This should reduce the likelihood of a sale falling through after costs are incurred and may save you wasted time. But you should not that the answer the questions unless you are positive the response is correct as this can have legal implications. In cases where you are unsure please tick not known as this reflects the fact that you are not aware of any of the following potential problems most especially if you have never lived there such as inherited or leased properties.

    1. Has the property being refused lending for Mortgage purposes?

    2. Have you had a structural survey that revealed faults that were significant?

    3. Is the property affected by mining blight?

    4. Has the property suffered from RED ASH?

    5. Do you have any problems with Japanese Knotweed on your property?

    6. Has the property been extended or alterations concluded that required either planning or building regulations approval?

    7. Have you had any Boundary Disputes or other neighbour disputes?

    8. Has the property to your knowledge ever flooded?

    9. To your knowledge has any serious crimes on been committed on or associated with the property?

    Fields marked with a * are required.