Tenancy Application

Application check:

Having viewed a property online or in person you need to complete this form. If you are accepted for the referencing stage you will be emailed by Vouch to take your references. This form is to check if you are likely to meet the criteria for leasing a property.

    About you

    (they will need to complete this form also)

    Please list all your pets below to state type of animal and breed. i.e. Dog and Jack Russell

    Are you Employed or Self Employed?


    We advise that applications & preliminary applications may fail if:

    • You have CCJ’S ( bad credit).

    • Your landlords reference shows you have not paid all rents due or that they would not rent to you again due to problems.

    • Your income is not sufficient to pay the rental. We look for an income to rental ratio of 2.5 times the rental. If you apply with another tenant you can half the amount you need to pay and if it is three people you can divide by that number. Where multiple tenants are present we may need a higher rent to income ratio.

    • You don’t have a right to rent in the UK.

    • We may need a guarantor in some tenancy applications.


    I agree that the information above is correct and accurate and I acknowledge that in the event I have applied and information supplied on the attached is not correct that any holding deposit will be charged for lost rent. The holding deposit will be charged should I make false or misleading statements relating to my application or should I not proceed to lease the property by my own choice. This will apply jointly and severally in the case of multiple applications. I acknowledge that any holding deposit will form part my tenancy’s rental upon signing the tenancy agreement. I agree to the terms of the holding deposit agreement. I consent to my data being passed to a reference agency in compliance with GDPR.

    Fields marked with a * are required.